Inspiring Stories

Learn how others have made an impact through their acts of giving to our organization and others.


A Good Challenge: Cheryl & John Bohney

​​​​​​​Seeing the world can be eye-opening. It’s a way to experience different cultures, meet new people, and explore unique locations. But it can also bring to light the aspects of life that Westerners often take for granted, like daily access to nutritious food.

A Lifetime of Service: Beth Early

Beth Early has known since she was in third grade that she wanted to help other people. “My teacher that year was so creative and caring. She inspired me.

For Future Generations: Ann Case

“I have always loved trees… you could say I’m a tree person,” says Ann Case, lifelong St. Louisan and member of the Danforth Center Legacy Society.

Giving Starts at Home: Dr. Ken Mares

When Dr. Ken Mares thinks back, he can pinpoint the exact source of his desire to create a legacy: “My parents. My father gave lavishly to his alma mater. Giving was a big part of our family.”

La Vie en Rose: Doris & John Wolfe

When Ralston Purina wanted to transfer John Wolfe to France, he had two replies: “(1) I don’t speak French, and (2) I don’t like French people.” A 10-hour-a-day Berlitz course fixed problem number 1, and problem number 2 fixed itself.

Supporters since the Beginning: Janet & the late Jim Knight

Before Jim Knight passed away in September 2018, he and his wife Janet sat down for a chat about their long-time support of the Danforth Center and how they first become involved.